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(Sant Feliu de Buixalleu (Girona) 1989 - Clown and Gestual Theater)


Pau have done many workshops of theater and circus at the circus school Rogelio Rivel (Barcelona) and the theater school El Galliner (Girona). He has also participated in a variety of intensive courses and workshops where he has worked with different directors and pedagogues, among them, Miner Montell, Dudu Arnalot, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Claret Papiol, Tortell Poltrona, Pep Vila and Piero Partigianoni.


He has taken his shows to festivals, halls and remote places:

Spain, France, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Thailand, Morocco, Poland, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mexico, Romania, South Korea ...


Is the founder and president of the social circus association Contaminando Sonrisas, in which he works actively as a representative, performing shows, the dissemination of the work, workshops and other activities.


His career as clown actor in shows:

- De Tal Pal ... - Cia. Contaminando Sonrisas (2012)

- Hermanos Fané - Cia. Contaminando Sonrisas(2014)

- Le Voyage - Cia. Contaminando Sonrisas (2015)

- Fané Solamente - Cia. Pau Palaus (2016)

- Kumulunimbu - Cia. Ortiga (2017)

- El Gran Final - Bucraá Circus (2018)


Currently, is working as a clown actor of the company Cia. Pau Palaus and Bucraá Circus Company. 

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