Le Voyage
(cia. contaminando SONRISAS)

[Show performed during the seasons 2015-16-17-18]


A metaphor for the lack of time in a society marked by rush and watches, hours and hours, minutes and seconds. A train trip full of humanity and setbacks.

The essence and the subtlety. Fun and in constant play with sound and improvisation with the audience.

As the show progresses, the audience takes more prominence within the story, living with it the adventure. A mixture of technique and improvisation. A crazy and poetic journey combined with the shyness of the character.

This show has been performed in festivals like : 


- Fes+Chapeau (Sant Pere de Ribes - Catalunya)

- Mirabilia Festival (Fossano - Itàlia)

- Festival Aurillac (Aurillac - Francia)

- Chalon dans la Rue (Chalon - Francia)

- MIMA (Mirepoix - Francia)

- Inund'Art (Girona - Catalunya)

- Festival Ulica (Krakow - Polonia)

- Suwon Theatre Festival (Suwon - Korea del Sur)

- BISPAF (Busan - Korea del Sur)

Among many others...

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Maria Soler Carrasco

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