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(Cia. Pau palaus)



In "Fané  Solamente" improvisation has a lot of weight as well as the game that emerges with the audience, making each show unique and different. The tranquility and tenderness that Pau has when working makes him connect quickly with the public and immerse himself in his world. A show from emotions as a link to create a conversation without words.


FANÉ ONLY can not be explained, it must be felt.

Contemporary Clown and Improvisation

Street performance and Medium size

Duration : 45 minutes

Audiences : all audiences

Text : no text

Awards 2018 : 

- Best show in Magdalena Circus Festival (Spain)

- Best show from the audience in Theatre Aan Twater Festival (Belgium)

- Best show from the audience in International Street Theatre Festival of Tula (Russia)

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